Let’s get started!

There is a moment where you have to start writting to have a proper blog…

So I guess this first post will be like the basic ones explaining everything, hopefully not too boring..! I wanted to create this blog as I love traveling, moving and discovering new places, and as I’m going to China next fall, my Facebook won’t be much accessible. I’ll try to post article on the places I’ve been to, the great things I’ve seen, and most probably some tips if you wanna come as well.

In addition to that, I’ll write about food, and other yummy things you’ve ever wanted to try! My friends and familly know how much I am a food addict… I’ll do my best to post them after eating, so you won’t be hungry too early!!

Maybe I should tell that I love taking pictures, of everything and anything, share them on Instagram or Facebook, print them and make personallized photobooks. I don’t use a great or big camera, just a compact one, easy to bring everywhere, or my phone, even if the quality of the pics is a bit worst… Hopefully you’ll see what I wanted to capture!

I’m not considering myself as a fashion addict or compulsive buyer, but I admit, I’m always looking forward the next ready-to-wear’s collection, but also the little shops you can find in the corner of a street, seeling handmade stuffs, as well as the clearance sales of famous brands. I don’t have a particular style but I love casual and comfy, however trying to be as classy as possible on nights out..! And yes, I love buying shoes!

I hope you’ll find whatever you need, as tips, pictures and good addresses all around the world!

Don’t not hesitate to comment or contact me, I’ll be pleased to check it out!

See you soon for the next post, xx



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