Thanks God It’s Friday!

While studying or working as an intern, Friday always bring happiness and joy.

And as I’m currently in Milan, the attraction, and place to be is the Expo!

Tonight, I’m going back there for the 3rd time since I arrived here mid-May, and actually I haven’t seen everything yet… So I decided to go with a nocturne ticket (biglietto serale), which give you access to the site from 19:00 till the closure at 23:00. The advantage is that it only costs 5€ (instead of the 29€ for a full-day student ticket), and there is a way less people than during the day. However, not all the pavillons are open till 23:00.


To enter the Expo’ site, it’s the same procedure as an airport control, except the fact that you can bring as much food and water as you want. Also, make sure to wear comfy shoes, because you cannot imagine as much you’re walking!

To go there, because the Expo is not in the city center, you can take various transports means, in my opinion the metro is the easiest one. It cost 5€ for the 2 ways, and the metro (red line) is direct to the entrance gate, last stop. It takes around 35 minutes from the Duomo. And I think that the last metro is arount 00:30 on working days, but until 01:30 on Saturdays and Sundays.

Then, regarding the pavillions, in my opinion, the unmissable ones are:

  • Morocco: it’s a short trip to Morrocco, it exposes all the regions, their specialties and specificities, now, I really want to go there!!
  • France: not only because I’m French (maybe a bit..) but the structure is so well done! Uncommon and with the backyard full of fruits and vegetables, the visit is very interactive, and you can go to a proper “Boulangerie”!
  • Korea, Spain, USA and Ecuador: and lots of other countries are great discoveries!

I won’t make a list of all the countries and what they’ve done, because it would be too long, and boring! But the best thing to do is going, spending sometimes there and discovering the ones you’re interested in, so you can have you own opinion.

The thing to know is that almost all pavillions have their food place where you can buy whatever you wanna try, from low prices (foodtrucks) or very high (Japanese pavillion). Personnally, my mom and I have tried the Israeli’s one, and we choose falafel (8€) and a fresh bulgur’s tabule salad (7€). It was very good, and as the outside temperature was around 35°C we were very happy to eat something fresh on their terrasse.

So to sum it up, the first time I went there, it was another Friday night, and I’ve brought a piadina (italian sandwich made with large tortillas, very yummy, most probably subject to another post) and 2 pizzetine (Little pizzas, that you can eat cold), and I liked it very much because you can organize yourself as you want.

The second time, I was with my mother, on a Saturday, we arrived there at 10:00 (opening hour), ate there and stayed untill 18:30. It was really nice because there are lots of animations planned, so you can’t get bored.

Everything, annonces, maps, or other, are made in English, French and Italian.

Don’t hesitate to contact me for more info!

See you on the next post, xx



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