Eating in Milan 1.0

Hi everyone!

It should be my 4th or 5th time in Milan this year, and so I’m willing to share with you my very favorite food places. These addresses are mainly for quick lunches, or snacks, very cheap but extremely good! Lots of them are takes away, which I appreciate because there are so many parks in town, as well as nice spots to sit. Some places have also high tables available where you can stand, but there are no seats.

  • Gelato

Or Ice Cream, if you prefer! When summer comes, trust me, by 35°C, you’ll be happy to find a nice “gelateria” in the corner of a street…! Of course, I didn’t try all of the places in Milan, but I’ll advice you to try the following ones, because they are pretty good!

Cioccolati Italiani: Various location in town, and always a huge queue. As it’s written all over the place, “a client is served every 60 seconds”, in fact, as you have to pay before, once it’s your turn to choose, there is no waste of time. The yummy thing here is that you can choose which chocolate (white, milk or dark) to put in your cone, before the ice cream! Different flavors are availables: various chocolates, fruits, cream… You may know that they increased their prices because of the Expo… Of course! (Around 4€ for a basic cone: 3 flavors, chocolate and biscuit!) Don’t hesitate to ask for a plastic spoon or more paper napkins!

Gelateria della Musica: A bit after the city center and next to Porta Genova/Navigli, you won’t be disppointed by this place – a new one opened next to Porta Venezia -. These traditional ice creams are very tasteful and the ratio price/quality is excellent. I’d 100% recommend it. Some flavors are not always available, like fruits ones, ice cream are made regarding the season, so very interesting to go all year long! And for you information, it as been ranked in the top 20 for the best world’s gelateria…!

Gelato Albicocca & Straciatella @ Alchimie, Corso Monforte

Gelateria Porta Genova: Right next to the metro stop “Porta Genova MM2”, this gelateria makes very good ice cream as well as frappè or granità (you should try the frappè Stracciatella, in my opinion, this is the best!!)

Frozen yogurt: Lots of places are selling these frozen yogurt, in my opinion the best ones are either at Yogurteria Cadorna (MM1 & MM2) or at Alchimie (Corso Monforte). This is basically nature frozen yogurt that you can mix with several fruits, chocolate or anuthing else you like!

  • Pizza

How can you come to Italy without eating a pizza?! I’ve tried the following addresses, and they are all very good!

Pizzeria del Ticinese: Next to Navigli, this pizzeria is one of my very favorite. Owners are very nice, and trying to make you feel comfortable even if they speak only Italian. The menu had been translated into French and English, but everything is made with fresh products. You won’t be disappointed! I’ve tried with my mom the pizza tricolore, and the pizza verdure. Both were amazingly good. Prices go from €8 to €12. In case you want something else, their tiramisu is excellent, we took 1 piece for the 2 of us and it was more than enough.

Pizzeria del Ticinese
Pizzeria del Ticinese

Spontini: This is not the pizza as we’re used to eat it, but very good. The dough is high (“pizza alta”) and you can choose between 3 different “flavors”, I’d recommend the Margherita’s one, simple but excellent. A slice is €3,50, and €4,50 if you want a drink with it. Several locations in town.

Gillo Sorbillo: Right next to the Duomo, this is the pizza as originally created in Napoli. Simple and good, nothing comparable with Spontini, this pizzeria makes only 400 pizzas a day, so don’t hesitate to go early if you want to eat there.

  • Sandwiches & Foccacia

Focaccia: It’s a kinda bread made of olive oil, it can be nature (so good when just out of the oven), or with cherry tomatoes, olives…. Usually, they cut the piece you want, and it’s between €13 and €15 a kilo, I’ve never paid more than €2 for a piece, and if once you decided to make a salad, a piece of Focaccia, goes perfectly with it! Every bakery sell these, so you’ll find some everywhere. However, my favorites are “Panificio Brianti”, Piazza Lega Lombarda, and “Pattini”, Piazzale Luigi Cadorna.

Piadina: It’s like a sandwich, made of apuff pastry bread (flour, water, olive oil and salt), and whatever you want to put inside! You can buy them in bakeries and also in places called “piadineria”. Regarding the price, it depends on what you want to put inside and if it’s sold on weight or piece but it shouldn’t exceed €4-5.

Piadina - Copyright: Pinterest.
Piadina – Copyright: Pinterest.

I hope you’ve found it useful, and don’t hesitate to let in comments your addresses, I’ll be happy to try them if I’ve never been there before! As it’s a version 1.0, I’ll do my best to make a version 2.0 before leaving!

See you on the next post, xx



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