Prada for €8!

I wish I can offer a Prada’s item for 8€…!

As you might have understood, I’m gonna talk about the “Fondazione Prada“, which opened in Milan early May. I’ve been visit the site, in a former industrial area of Milan, one week after it opens, obviously it was full of people! I guess now, if you’re going to visit it will be better.

The price for the entry is 8€, reduced prices for students (Don’t forget to bring your student card!) otherwise it’s 10€. You can stay as long as you want, all the different areas stay open till the end as well as the bar, directly coming from a movie.

Talking about the bar, you can find every kind of drink you want, as well as food. It’s nice because in the area where is settled the foundation you won’t find anything else. Prices are a little bit high, around 2€ for a coffee.

If you have a big bag, suitcase or coat you don’t want to take along the visit you can leave it at the checkroom (compulsory for luggages). It’s free and right next to the begining of the visit.

The foundation is composed of several room, for permanent and temporary expositions. Starting by the one next to the checkroom, you will easily find all the other without having to walk a lot. Rooms are independant from one to another. If there is too much people waiting for one, don’t hesitate to go to the next one and come back later on.

For some, you will have to book before (call center in English and Italian), for example the cinema of Polanski “My inspiration”, I unfortunatly didn’t know when I went, so I haven’t see it. It lasts 30 minutes and projections are at 18:00, everydays. For another one the booking is needed as well: the haunted house by Robert Gobet and Louise Bourgeois. For this one, you just ask for a pass when you buy your ticket, they will give you one, but be careful about the time written on! The visit of this one takes around 30 minutes.

The Prada’s foundation, is a great mix of classic and contemporary art. If you like art, and you interested in, I’d highly recommend it. If you want to have time to see everything, make sure to arrive early enough.

To access the Fondazione Prada: of course you can find all the information on the website (click on “Fondazione Prada” at the begining of the article to access the site or just here!), available in English and Italian! Otherwise, you may be interested in the following ones! I live next to Porta Romana, so I went there walking, count at least 25 minutes, but you can also take the metro (MM3 – yellow line) until Lodi, then you will have to walk, something like 10/15 minutes. Once you’re out of the metro everything will be indicated, but basically you’ll have to cross the bridge (above the railway), turn on the right on the first road and continue straight for around 600m, then you’ll arrive in from of the entrance!

Don’t hesitate to contact me for more info, and let your comments, I’ll be happy to read them!

See you on the next post, xx



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