Market research in Milan

I love summer in Milan, and even more when the Expo settled down in the city. In fact, it’s pretty cool to see how much things and activities the city hall or the organization of the Expo created in town.

So I decided to put my sneakers on, photo camera and water in my bag, obviously forgot to take a map, and get lost in the city to discover new stuff. The objective this weekend was markets!

I kinda appreciate getting lost in the city, you can see some unexpected things. Recently, I’ve heard about short-lived markets growing in the city, and up till the end of October.

My very favorite one is the “Mercato Metropolitano” in Porta Genova. Right next to the metro MM2 Porta Genova, and in front of the Navigli. You can find all the specialties from each Italian’s regions, and some burgers, ice cream and other kind of junk yummy food! So, several stand are making food right in front of you, (it smells soooooo good), seats outside are available, as well as a fresh fruits & vegetables stand, and plants’ shop. The indoor market sells food, drinks and cooking books! In this market, you can find any kind of food, the entrance is free, and it’s very easy to access. I’d highly recommend it if you’re comng in Milan!

Indoor market @MercatoMetropolitano
Indoor market @MercatoMetropolitano
Outside seats & Food trucks @MercatoMetropolitano
Outside seats & Food trucks @MercatoMetropolitano

The same kind of market has been created in Porta Romana, but as it just opened early June, it’s a bit empty. Easy to access as well, but due to the lake of communication about this place, there are very few shops and visitors. Hopefully, with some times, it’s gonna get better!

The “Milan East Market” is such a great discovery! Harder to access, it’s THE vintage market in Milan. You can find all kind of items, clothes and accessories. Loud music, activities and food are in the place. Check out the dates as it’s not opened every day/weekend.

Let your comments for more info about these places, I’ll be happy to let you know everything!

See you on the next post, xx



2 thoughts on “Market research in Milan

    1. Hi! I’m glad to read your comment! In fact it is, and since the Expo started lots of small places opened! Not surprised you liked it 😉 Very happy to see you liked this article!
      Your site is great as well, travelling is such a nice adventure!
      Best regards,

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