My €31 Moschino’s dress

I promise, this isn’t a joke, I bought a true Moschino’s dress for €31! And honestly it feels so great…!

Right now, I’m trying not to be too selfish, and I’ll share with you how it happened. I didn’t negociated, either went to an outlet store, and the sales period didn’t had started yet… Have you guessed where I’ve been?

I’m currently in internship in a great company dealing with luxurious brands like Ladurée, Moschino, Blumarine and so many others. And basically one day (around mid-June) we received a mail from Moschino’s showroom inviting the office to their “Clearance Event” (svendita in Italian), few days later.

This event happened to be on 3 days: Thursday, Friday and Saturday. As I was working on the 2 first days, I took the appointment (not needed after all) on Saturday, went there (via Felice Casati, Milano), and had a look at the items. Knowing that the discount were between 70% and 90%, you take your time, checking the littlest thing and all the pieces in sales. Unfortunatly it was the last day so the choice was really reduced for items, sizes or colors.

So, I’ve found this dress, looking like an extra-large t-shirt, after trying, checking every little details, I completly fall in ove with it, and obviously couldn’t resist! And I took it! The “icing on the cake” was at the cash desk when the guy told me €31, instead of the €152 initial price!

If you didn’t know that was possible, now don’t hesitate to have a look on the Internet, for the dates of these events, or even ask in official brand’ stores if they can give you more info!

I hope you’ll find some great deals around, don’t hesitate to let your comments!

See you on the next post; xx



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