Milanese Administrative Jungle

Why is the administration always a struggle? It could be so much easier without all the paper work to do each time you’re going somewhere for more than a 2-weeks holidays period!

During my first internship here I had to go to an office for intern, where they’re basically explaining you the rules of your internship, then you have a file do complete every day, get beck there once your internship is over… Pretty long and boring! This year went a lot easier, with nothing to do, as I already had some papers!

However, few documents/procedures might be helpful when it will be time to settle down in Milan.

  • The “Codice fiscale”.

The most annoying paper to obtain, but the most useful one! You can do it in your home country from the Italian ambassy, and basically it’s a number to identify you, and which help for a huge amount of paper works once in Italy.

Basically you need a couple of papers: the document to download from the embassy’s website, a justificative paper of your hometown residence (i.e electricity or phone bill), an address in Italy, a copy of your ID and an envelope + stamp.

You’ll receive everything after a couple of days.

  • Transportation.

Transportation in Milan are very well done, lots of options offered to fit your demand, and prices are very correct! However, if you can’t present your transportation title during a control it will cost you a way more (sth like 30€), and controls are more than often and everywhere in town.

To buy a ticket, card or anything else, you need to go to “ATM Points” or the little souvenirs’ shops near the stops. You cannot buy tickets in the tram/bus!

I suggest the monthly card, it costs 22€ for all kind of transportation valid from the 1st to the 30/31st of the month. Knowing that charging a card for 1 week costs approx. 11€, the choice is done quickly! You can charge the card for 1 month, minimum, to how long you prefer. FYI, there are no discounts if you charge for more than 2 months (I’ve tried…)! Make sure to bring with you your codice fiscale, an ID pic and your ID document.

Otherwise, you can have a simple ticket, valid 90 minutes, 24h tickets or 48h tickets, all valid for the urban zone. To go to the expo you need another on, but I’ll suggest you to check my previous post about it!

  • Phone.

Getting a phone or Sim card is pretty easy. You have the choice between Vodafone, Wind and TIM. I’ve been with Wind, and I’m pretty happy with it, I pay 9€ a month, for 3 giga of internet, as I don’t call or message without internet. There are shops almost everywhere to recharge it, and most of the time sellers speak a bit of English.

Make sure that your phone is unlock, and then everything should work! Knowing that in a large number of apartments there is no WiFi, having a lot of internet is useful.

  • Registration to the embassy.

This is up to you, for some countries you have to, maybe it won’t be compulsory but you’ll stay for a pretty long time, or any other reason…! I haven’t been registered on the French embassy, because I was thinking that for just 2 or 3 months that was OK without it, and it has been because I’m still in the EU. But I got a bit scared when I wanted to register to the 14th July party at the French embassy and they told me to bring my Italian resident card (obtained after the registration) to pick up my invite… Of course, I don’t have it, so theorically impossible to go, but, couple of days ago I received my invite..!

I’ll suggest to register to your home country embassy if your staying for sometimes abroad, or if your going out the EU for the EU citizens.

I hope it helps you, don’t hesitiate to comment for more info, or add whatever you want about it!

See you on the next post, xx



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