How to Survive in Milan?

I do love Milan, I promise, otherwise I wouldn’t be back every summer. But to be honest this time is pretty hard, so I decided you put my survival mode on, and share it with you!

Since the end of May, the weather is killing me, and latly we went over 40°C… Of course my place doesn’t have any air conditioning nor cooling fan. So I opened every single window/door to have some draughts, but obviously no air so it doesn’t help at all. The only advantage of the situation it that I’m having daily free sauna.

My fridge is full of water bottles, and other food like melon, watermelon, tomatoes, salad or yogurts. With these temperatures I’m very not hungry, and I don’t even want to eat (most probably for the first time of my life!). So I’m forcing myself to eat some healthy light stuff, and drink lots of water all day long.

During working days, it’s fine as there is AC in the office, and so I’m not spending that much time at home. During the weekend, it’s another story! I’m spending my days either outside, in parks, looking for shadow, or at the swimming pool. There are almost no shadow in outside pools, which is great to tan, and so I use to spend some times tanning, and when it’s too hot, swimming a bit more. In these places you are allowed to bring all the food and drinks you want, just think of the freezing bag to keep it cool. Entrance in swimming pools are from 5 to 10€ but you can stay as long as you want. I like “Argelati” swimming pool, the tickets is 8€ but it’s big enough to have our own space.

Mosquitos… I let you imagine… I’m very not used to be attacked by mosquitos, usually they’re going to my sisters, this time, while being alone here, they’re all coming and it hurts so badly! I’ve been trying 2 things, which are pretty great, and I’d advice you to buy them if you’re coming over here, or somewhere else where there are some mosquito’s attacks:

  • Autan: it’s a spray, you put it on yourself and it works well.
  • Zampironi Volcan: need to put it on a plate, and burn it. It doesn’t smell anything, and very helpful for a good night!

Also, don’t forget your sun cream, because you might be very quickly red!

I hope it can help you if you’re planning on coming in Milan over the summer. Don’t hesitate to comment to add stuffs that I might have forgotten!

See you on the next post, xx



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