Walking Around: Porta Nuova.

2 Saturdays ago, I decided to put my sneakers on and discover this part of Milan I didn’t really know, except the train station “Garibaldi” because I already went there a couple of times.

Basically this is the new CBD of Milan, which has a complete different aspect, modern, malls and full of pedestrian areas, it happens to be the new hype place. Let’s check this out!

The place is easily reachable, and so I’ve took the metro MM2 (green line) till Garibaldi train station, cross the street and went up the stairs to Piazza Gae Aulenti. This place is awesome, you cannot see a thing from the street but once you’re up there, lots of fountains, waterjets, and a modern mall with well-known brands, coffee shops and library.

I walked around there and saw a strange things, called “Panorama”, with people waiting in front, after checking, it’s a free animation, here till the end of the expo, and which expose the wealths of Italy. If you have the opportunity to go, it’s free, opened everyday, and it takes about 15 min, the movie is honestly great.


There is also a field created there (free entrance) if you want to go, I’ve seen all of it because of the killing weather we’ve had here, but it’s nice to walk there, atmosphere is quiet and you feel like being in the countryside, it’s a lovely experience!

Walking through the mall, you can see the architecture of the place very different from what is in Milan’s city/historical center. As the area is still in construction, all the pedestrian areas are not finished yet, but you can easily walk everywhere. Also, by walking 10 minutes, you’ll find the famous “Eataly”, I’ll write you a post about it later, but basically it’s a grocery luxury store, where you can buy food from all over Italy. It’s very likely “Le bon Marché” in Paris.

Eataly, or the temple of food!
Eataly, or the temple of food!

If you wanna go there, there are lots of café (caffè in Italian), bars, restaurents or street food where you can grab lunch/dinner, or take a drink, very necessary with the 40°C we currently have.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the post, don’t hesitate to comment to let your tips!

See you on the next post, xx



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