Getting ready for a new Adventure!

Couple of months ago I had the chance to discover my exchange destination! And now I’m getting ready to go to Guangzhou, in China, to study Business Administration at Sun-Yat-Sen Business School.

For now, any documents are available so the visa procedures aren’t started yet. However, to put all the chances on my side, I’ve decided to search some information about the place, where to travel, what to do or anything related to China and more specifically to Guangzhou! Now I cannot wait to go!

As I’m in Italy for now, my mom bought me some turistic guides about China, and Guangzhou, and then she sent them to me in Milan. So I’ve 3 guides, all differents and very interesting. I’ve already finished read one, and I’m reading the 2 others.

  • Le Routard, HongKong, Macau et Canton: in French, it gives you all the good addresses and nice places to see in these cities. You have a map, the monuments to see, which the price of the entrance, and how to travel, medical tips and other important stuff about administrative procedures. I’d recommend it 100% if you’re going abroad to buy the guide that fits your destination.
    • Le Routard HongKong/Macau/Canton, Hachette éditions, 2014/2015: 9,90€
  • Lonely Planet Chine: also bought in French, as it’s mother tongue a way easier to get all the details 😉 It’s very nive because it gives all the details slip by regions, lots of maps, Chinese glossary, and a little one for the most spoken dialects such as Cantonese. You have less address regarding one specific place than in the Routard, but there are different, which is very compementary. You can take it every where you wanna travel in China, all the info are written. Very global, I’d recommend it too!
    • Lonely Planet Chine, 10ème édition, En voyage éditions, mai 2013: 32,50€
  • Last but not least, Bibliothèque du Voyageur, Chine: I totally fall in love with this one, it’s in French, and it’s very cultural, you learn a lot about the country, habits and history. I’ve not read a lot about it yet, but it’s a great one, info are split regarding the different regions, and gives good tips about places to be/go. Gonna be my bed-book.
    • Bibliothèque du Voyageur, Chine, Gallimard Editions, 2014: 29,50€

I’ll keep you posted about every thing going on with the Chinese chapter, stay tuned!!

See you on the next post, xx



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