July 14th Abroad!

As you might know, or not, the French national day is July 14th. Considered as a holiday in France, it’s obviously not the case abroad, except in the French representative administration like embassies. In every country, France is represented by an embassy and/or consulate, they are celebrating this day, in some you’ll be ask to come with an invite like in Milan, in others just bring your French ID card.

Last year, my internship was already in Milan, and from May till the end of July, almost like this year, and I haven’t been doing anything for the 14th July. This year I decided it should change, and so I’ll celebrate it!

IMG_20150714_185612 (2)

Easier said than done, I’ve been trying to find some information on the consulate’s website, and nothing. So I’ve sent some mails and stuffs, and someone replied saying that the consulate will organize a party, only with invites, but I can try to have one. After a couple of days, an article, with a special mail address, appeared on their website, and I’ve sent a mail asking for this invite.

Honestly, I was sure I couldn’t go as I didn’t had any news of them, and on July 1st, I magically received the invite! Of course, very formal dresscode, the party happened to be from 18:30 till 21:00. It was to perfect opportunity to wear the Moschino’s dress! 😉

The party happened to be in the building of the French Institute “Plazzo delle Stelline”, everything was settle in the garden, music, food and Champagne. It felt good to hear some French, meeting the consul and some deputies who came for the occasion. It has been a great night to celebrate our national day, meeting new people and hanging out in one of the beautifulest Milanese places.

I hope you can all have this opportunity while being abroad!

See you on the next post, xx



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