Walking Around: City Center.

Let’s keep going with “Walking Around” articles! I think it might be interesting to know more about what to see, and do in Milan’s city center. This area offers so much to see, and you don’t even need to walk tons of kilometers!

I like going to this part of the city, it’s very central, shops, restaurants or museum are opened every days (including Sundays, all day). Of course there are the unmissable visits:

  • The Duomo (Cathedral): You might know that to enter, you have to pay a 2€ ticket, except Sunday, and wear decent clothes (shoulders covered, and under-knees pants/skirt/dress).
  • The Galleria: Right next to the Duomo you can’t miss it, the architecture is amazing and (for 12€) you can walk on the roof, and from the top, have a stunning view of the city. You can book online or by going there directly: entrance on the left corner from piazzale duomo.
  • Castello Sforzesco: Duomo in your back, walk from 10 minutes straight away (by via Dante), and here you are! There are lots of museum inside, and the Parco Sempione, on the other side if you wanna have a walk or tan ;))
  • Via Torino & Corso Vittorio Emanuele II: these streets are the best ones for shopping addicts! All brands (luxurious or not) are on these streets, check out the sales period as well, this summer from July 4th till August 31st.
  • Rooftop terrasse: There are so many in Milan and near the Duomo, it’s great to see the whole city from the top when the wheather is nice. La Rinascente (department store) has one on its last floor (7th), where you can grab food or drinks, same for the Apérol terrasse. The Duomo, you can walk till the top and check the “Madonnina” even closer. These are just examples, check in hotels or stores, you might be able to go to the top!
Piazzale Duomo
Piazzale Duomo
Arco della Pace, next to Parco Sempione
Arco della Pace, next to Parco Sempione

If you’re interested in museum, and cultural visits in the city, all these places offer free entrances every first Sunday of the month. If you’re planning on doing that, try to arrive early in the morning, otherwise you might wait a lot.

I hope you’ll enjoy walking around Milan’s city center, and don’t hesitate to let a comment, share your info or whatever you want!

See you on the next post, xx



2 thoughts on “Walking Around: City Center.

  1. Great Heloise ! It must be very intersting to visit or to live in a city as beautiful as we can see !

    You ´ll tell me how was it like experience and about your internship too.

    See you soon at home !

    Liked by 1 person

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