Did you say Home?!

After 10 weeks of an incredible internship, it’s almost time for me to go back home! (flying home next Friday, yeeeey 🎉🎊🎉🎊) So I thought of this article in case you want to come in Milan, or leave it, and the various transportation means you might have to use.

From France, or any other country sharing a border with Italy, various transport means are available.

  • Train: It might sound crazy and long (…it is…) but pretty easy. I’ll give you the information I have if you’re coming from France, as I’ve experienced it last year. The train (by SNCF) is direct from Paris to Milan, with various stops in both countries. The journey (from Paris) is around 7 hours long, and prices are very cheap if you take it in at the opening of the selling campaign (for the SNCF around 3 months before). Trains from France always arrive in Garibaldi Train Station, easy to reach the city center with MM2 and MM5.
  • Car: 3 hours from Switzerland, 4 from France and 6/7 from Croatia. Of course it depends of the departure’s and arrival’s cities, but it can be very convinent. In case you want to drive in Milan, make sure to have all the information regarding the “Area C” (kind of toll in the city center).
  • Plane: 3 airports are around the city, Malpensa (45 min drive from the city center, easy to reach with the express train (€12), or bus (10€) from various train station in town (Centrale, Cadorna). All airways companies are there (Terminal 1, except EasyJet, terminal 2), a free shuttle bus goes from Terminal 1 to 2 every 10/15 minutes. Closer from the city center (7km) Linate is reachable with an urban bus ticket (€1,50). And finally Orio al Serio, in Bergamo city, the shuttle bus costs 5€ to arrive in Centrale Train Station. This airport is mainly used by Ryanair.

I hope it helped you finding the right way to come, and don’t hesitate to let your tips/questions in the comments!

See you on the next post, xx



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