Packing Time!

We all know, when it’s time to leave, time flies, and faster than we’ve ever thought. So here are my packing tips, made just for you (and my future trips too! 😊), check it out!

Did your mom ever write/print you lists of what to pack for family’s holidays when you were younger? Mine did, and now I’m so thanksful!! Because packing lists (as well as “To Do List” that I’m in love with) are so useful to make sure all the important stuff are packed.


Pick the right stuff: clothes you’re sure you’ll wear, we’ve all took a couple of items we never wore during holidays. You know the one that stay in your suitcase and once unpacking you didn’t know it was part of the trip too?! You’ll ba happy to have some space to bring back souvenirs from the places you’ve been to.

Fold/roll properly your clothes: it’ll take less space, and if you cannot (or don’t want) iron during your break, at least you’ll have wearable clothes. For small or breakable items put them between clothes, so in case of shock, they’ll be protected. Regarding the fashion “rolling” system, make sure to do it properly!


Shoes in bags: even brand-new, shoes smell. It’s a universal truth, so think about putting your shoes into plastique bag, and take one more for your laundry.

Make your luggage unique: put a ribbon on, buy a colorful one, put a cover on…. I let you find what you prefer! I use to put a flashy pink ribbon on, so when you’re luggage appear on the conveyor, you’ll save precious minutes!

Keep your tech with you: as well as music, book or whatever you need to not get bored. In addition, you’re sure it won’t get lost! Think about having full (or portable) battery.

Take a pic of your luggage: yes it can be very useful in case of loss. It’s gonna be easier to describe if you don’t speak the language of the host country.

Check out this pic 👇👇👇 if you don’t know whether to take or not an item!


I’m sure now you’re expert packers! Don’t hesitate to let your tips in comment!

See you on the next post, xx



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