One last time….

Every good thing always comes to an end, and all my expo tours are following this rules! Last Saturday night I used my last “biglietto serale”, and so here it’s my top 10 unmissable expo’s pavillion. Check that out!

After being there 5 times, I’ve almost seen all pavillion, but if you want to see the larger part, make sure to buy the correct ticket. 1 day is good, you can see lots of the expo but not everything, even more when there are hours of queue.

German Pavillion
German Pavillion

So here it’s my top 10 for the pavillions: criteria are basically the architecture, the activities to do, and the answer to the theme (feeding the planet, energy for life).

Turkish Pavillion
Turkish Pavillion
  1. United Arab Emirates: at least 1h hour queue – the earlier you arrive the better –  it presents how to solve the lake of water, and how to develop a sustainable agriculture. The building is fantastic, and Dubai will host the next expo in 2020.
  2. Marocco: no queue or max. 15 min, it presents the various regions of the country, and specific agriculture. It’s a short trip to Morocco where you can buy souvenirs as well as yummy food.
  3. Japan: at least 45 min queue. Animation are great showing how the country produces food, and it’s rebuilding after the last earthquake. Technology is highly use in this pavillion, which makes animation very attractive.
  4. France: I might not be too objective, maybe 😊, no queue, as the place is not too big. There is a yard in front of with vegetables and fruits, and temporary exibition inside. Great Boulangerie at the end, as well as restaurant on the roof top, or food truck at the end of the tour.
  5. Korea: variable queue, from none to 30 min. A great mix of technology, and concrete answer to the problem asked. I didn’t try the food but it looks great.
  6. Belgium: no queue. The 3 regions are greatly represented. Art, food and agricultural technics are mixed to answer the problematic, and give a nice overview of how the country is organized.
  7. Thailand: at least 30 min queue. The whole pavillion is structured on a show presenting the country and how it works taking account of the weather.
  8. Malaysia: around 15/20 min queue. First it starts by a short movie presenting the country and its grow. Then various rooms from the fields to jungle, to show how people works regarding their environment.
  9. Germany: no queue – the place present each region and their specificities. The architecture is fantastic, and you can easily find the restaurant downstairs, with a view on the scene mainly used at night for DJ sets!
  10. Turkey: no queue – Architecture is amazing, and the pavillion shows the various wealths of the country – art, food, architecture – the visit is not too long, but you have the impression of going there for some holidays.
Garden @ Poland Pavillion
Garden @ Poland Pavillion

I decided to not include the Italian pavillion, because even if it’s very nice (architecture is great) everything is in Italian, so if you don’t speak the language you can barely understand their answers.

Of course, some others are very nice like Qatar, USA or the Netherlands, but there are not in my very favs 😜 Remind that this top 10 is very subjective!! I’ve also heard that Kazakhstan is awesome, but unfortunatly I didn’t have time to visit it… If you went, let me know!

Dutch Food & DJ set on Saturday Night
Dutch Food & DJ set on Saturday Night

Click on this link to see the map of the expo, and download it! 01_MappaExpo2015_ENG_WEB-1

Hope you enjoyed this post, don’t hesitate to let some comments,

See you on the next post, xx



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