Beaches in the Emerald Coast

Hey people!

Now that I’m back home, staying and lying on the beach (I wish I had a lil more time to do so), I really want to list you my fav beaches on the Brittany’s Northern Corst, and more specifically the Emerald Coast.

Basically the Emerald coast is composed of 2 parts, left bank (main city Dinard) and the right bank (main city Saint-Malo). I live on the left one, so the places I’m gonna talk about are, for this article, from this bank!

  • Top n°1, favorite of the favorites, beloved beach: La petite Salinette. Check out the following pic: taken around 2 years ago, it didn’t change at all.
    • Pro: Not that much known, not to much people, and rocks all over which stop the wind (great for picnic dinner or BBQ on the beach! 🍗🍴) And of course, lots of memories!
    • Cons: Parking sucks, and hard to find, as it’s in a small city.

  • 2: Plage de la Fourberie. I used to go there when I was younger, this place is a way bigger than the previous one.
    • Pro: Large, bar on the beach, and sunny all evening long.
    • Cons: Hard to park and found.
© Geolocation
© Geolocation
  • 3: Plage de Saint-Enogat: Situated in the old town of Dinard, the access is easy and the place is great for chilly moments.
    • Pro: Toilets and showers for free, easy access and parking.
    • Cons: So much kids, when back tide it’s impossible to swim.
© Escale Cote D'Emeraude
© Escale Cote D’Emeraude
  • 4: Plage du Centre, this one is in the city center of Dinard, easy to access and close to shops, swimming pool and other facilities.
    • Pro: Easy access and shops all around, location is amazing.
    • Cons: Lots of people, not a specific character that make you come back.
© Yannick Le Gal
© Yannick Le Gal

I hope you enjoyed this post, and of course, there are so much more beaches, don’t hesitate to ask more question in comments, I’ll be pleased to answer!

See you on the next post, xx



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