Sailing in Brittany

Summer is a great time, and when weather is nice, nothing’s better than spending the day on the water, and why not sailing!

My sisters and little cousins are taking sailing courses for the holidays, which is great to have the basis of sailing and would allow them to go by themselves afterwards.

Here we’re lucky to live on the sea, and so every city own at least a yatch club, offering sailing/surfing courses. Prices are very variables, but in any case you need a license. This licenses costs around 10€ and is mandatory for sailing – bought once for a lifetime.


A very good website to check the weather and climatic condition before navigating: Windguru (click here!!) Make sure to know properly the place you’re going before sailing if you don’t take any sailing courses, sea and tides might be dangerous.

Check out the following links for further info about clubs in Dinard’s and Saint-Malo’s areas:

Courses are usually either on the morning or on the afternoon, of course you can choose all day, but make sure to be full of energy! 😏

Hope you enjoyed the post, and don’t hesitate to comment!

See you on the next post, xx



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