Saint-Malo Intra Muros.

Back in town, and nothing better than sunny days to hang out, have lunch, or stay outside. I use to go back quite often in my high school’s city to meet friends over the summer, and here are my fav things about Saint-Malo’s old town. Check that out!

Yesterday was incredible thanks to the weather, and enough degrees to feel good without dying. So, I decided to go to Saint-Malo, from Dinard by boat. Sounds crazy but we have a sea bus, joining both cities in less than 10 minutes, for 8,20€ (2 ways – something like 5€ for 1 way).

IMG_20150821_135955 IMG_20150821_142501

Inner Saint-Malo (or Intra-Muros) has been rebuildt after WW2, but the style is very nice, streets are large, and only pedestrian during the summer. Today, main streets are full of shops and cool places for foodies 😄 it’s pretty easy to relax as well as the city is surounded by beaches or port.


  • Where to eat?

Who doesn’t wanna know? Honestly, I’m not used to stay in a place a order something, I really love grabbing a sandwich and eat it on the beach…!! But these addresses are tested and approved:

  1. L’art Caddy: the smallest buy yummiest place I’ve been to in inner Saint-Malo. American food, pies and other, you can also take it away. Always better to call before if you wanna have a seat.
  2. Timothy: If you like cakes (I mean hugeeeee cakes) don’t think and run there!
  3. Sanchez: Great ice cream (not good as the Italians, but..!!), btw I’ve only heard good things about the salty caramel one…
  4. Maison Hector: Doughnut are amazingly good, as well as their crèpes or waffles..!
  • What to do?

Tanning on the beach, walking and discovering the city (very small btw), walking on the city walls for the view, check out also the museums in town, and of course the art galleries!!

Be careful with the seagulls, they’re crazy, and ready to eat everything, even if you’re about to eat it! Do never feed them!

I hope you liked this post, don’t hesitate to let your comment below!

See you soon, xx



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