How to Get a Chinese Visa?

Leaving France in 6 shorts days, I just received my student visa for China, and here are the procedures to follow if you wanna study for a short period in 中国! Discover more here 👇

Chinese visas are very different regarding the reasons why you come (turism, studies, work..). The procedures I followed only regard a period of study for less than 6 months (X2 Visa).

As I live quite far from an embassy or consulate, I decided to use an agency, based in Paris. Make sure to take in consideration the sending/receiving time of the post office.

The advantages of the agency are first the professionalism, and efficiency, delays, and low costs. I’d recommend 100% RapideVisa (click on the link here for further info).


You will need to send (to the agency, or give to the Chinese embassy):

  • Your original passport (without protection), where you’ll receive your visa. The passport has to be signed, valid for 6 months (at least) after letting your dossier in the embassy, also it needs to has 3 virgin pages, including 2 in front of the other.
  • A copy of the pages with signature and photo.
  • The original of the V2013 document, available on the Chinese embassy’s website, completly filled in.
  • An ID pic to be sticked on the V2013 document.
  • 1 original and copy of your admission letter (the official will be given back afterwards).
  • 1 original and copy of the JW202 document, sent by the Chinese university (official one will be given back too).
  • 1 copy of the flight tickets (2 ways).
  • 1 copy of an hotel or housing reservation.
  • 1 copy of your school certificate.

It’s a lot of paperwork, but if 1 piece is missing, the visa won’t be given.

Regarding the price, the Chinese visa costs 101€, with the agency, it adds 44€. And for the sending of papers to the agency, I paid a followed envelope, and signature to receipt it. It needs 2/3 days to send to the agency, for the way back the agency suggests various means, and as my delays where short, I paid 26€ for a special Chronopost, and I received everything the days after before 1PM. The whole operation costs 171€, but with the agency, you’ll receive everything on time, and it’s a way stressless!

Now, time for packing is getting closer..! I hope you liked this post, and don’t hesitate to comment down here!

See you on the next post, xx



2 thoughts on “How to Get a Chinese Visa?

    1. Thanks for your nice comment, I’m glad to read it! I’ll do my best to keep everyone posted about what I’ll do over there! To which uni have you been? (Of course I’ll check out yours! 😉)


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