It’s scary, but exciting. But still very scary!

Time flies, and now I’m on my way to Guangzhou, China. I’ve 2 suitcases, a big one and a small one, for 35KG of stuff.

My journey started at 8:30, when I left home with my dad, direction Rennes’s train station, and around 1 hour later I was leaving my dearest Brittany. My train was a 3h direct one to Roissy Charles De Gaulle, which is a way easier to avoid transiting in Paris. Roissy’s train station is in the Terminal 2, and my flight was landing in the Terminal 1, but thanks God there is a free shuttle called CDGVAL, and it takes around 10 min to go from one to another.

As direct flights are pretty expensive, I took a Paris – Guangzhou by Doha, Qatar. I just have to wait 2h hours before boarding. So I’m back on writing, I don’t know how my internet connection will be there, but I’ll try my best to keep the blog updated.

My flight went by Doha, as Qatar Airways is based there (sounds obvious tho). Hamad International Airport is huge, very convenient, and looks brand new. I’m sure spending sometimes there waiting for a flight can be comfy, but in the middle of the night between 23:30 and 1:30, any other place (like a bed…!!) would be preferred! ;))

My second flight, from Doha to Guangzhou, wasn’t as good as the first one. First because it was longer, then the aircraft itself wasn’t so comfortable and lastly spending the night sitting down around noisy people wasn’t the best night ever haha.

Once arrived in the airport, there are so much admin things to do, and immigration procedures. My first impressions are good regarding my arrival here, even if the weather is kinda hard to support, very humid and hot, I’m so not used to that! I’m looking forward these next days in China, to meet new people and discover more about the city!

For any contact please prefer mail, skype or WhatsApp. Facebook is pretty blocked in China, and I’ve no idea how my VPN is gonna work…

I hope you enjoyed this post, and don’t hesitate to comment down here!

See you (hopefully soon) on the next post, xx



2 thoughts on “It’s scary, but exciting. But still very scary!

  1. Bon voyage, Héloïse. L’équipe “Luxembourg” te souhaite un séjour agréable, excitant et plein de bonnes surprises!

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    1. Merci beaucoup! Pour l’instant tout se passe bien, c’est une ville vraiment mindblowing et très differente de l’Europe. C’est très intéressant!! Le seul soucis est le sous nombre de personne parlant anglais! 😉 J’espère que la rentrée se passe bien, bises à toute la petite famille, à bientôt!


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