My first week in Guangzhou.

The first week in Guangzhou is already over, and to be honest, between administrative things, jet lag, and first discoveries of the city, it went extremely quick.

I’m leaving in a residencial area in Tianhe district, but it’s not because the place [Favorview Palace] created for rich Chinese and expats, that admin procedures are easier! When you arrive in China, you have 24h after your arrival to go to the police and declare your residence. It works everywhere in China, and you have to contact the closer police station, for example mine in “Wushan”. When you go for registration, bring your passport, and a copy, a copy of your visa, a passport photo, and your housing contract. You’ll have to fill in a document, and in 20 to 30 minutes you’ll be done. Make sure  that your name appears clearly on the housing contract.

Regarding the Internet, as you might know lots of websites aren’t accessible and be careful of the VPN you use: it might be itself blocked (that was the case of my first VPN – CyberGhost 5), now I decided to pay one VPN Privacy, 70€ for 6 months, and I’d recommended it 100%!

For transportation in Guangzhou, the underground is very quite and clean, no bad surprise about it! The ticket costs 2¥ but you can also choose the pass, and recharge it when it’s over (70¥ the first time: 20 for the creation and 1st charge 50). The bus is very cool too, but be careful with the traffic, huge traffic jam at certain hours, where a 45min drive can become a 2h one…!

My home is 45min (metro/bus normal drive) away from Sun Yat-Sen (中山大学), it might looks long but as it’s easy to go, it’s very ok!

I’m not writing about the visit I already did, as next Sunday (20th) the uni organize an orientation day, with lots of visits and walks in the city. I’ll post after that, and let you know how it went!

I hope you enjoyed the post, and don’t hesitate to let comments, I’ll be pleased to answer them!

See you on the next post, xx



One thought on “My first week in Guangzhou.

  1. Il existe une application pour envoyer des messages sécurisés: On paye 2 € pour accéder au logiciel. Ensuite c’est gratuit. Cela fonctionne comme WhatsApp, mais les messages ne passent pas par un serveur US et ils sont encryptés. Peut-être un complément à ton VPN. J’utilise Threema depuis début 2015 et c’est très pratique. Bien à toi, Charles

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