Shamian Island & Tea Market

Hey folks! Hope you’re doing great!

Last weekend went perfectly great, and I spent some time discovering Guangzhou. I’ve been to Shamian Island (沙面岛) and Guangzhou Fangcun Tea Wholesale Market (sorry I couldn’t find online hox to write the characters). Check out for more info here!

Shamian Island is in the center of Guangzhou, and very easily reachable thanks to the underground (lines 1 or 6, stop: Huangsha), then take the pedestrian bridge to cross the road, you’ll directly arrive on the western part of the island.

This island kept the strong colonial style, very interesting regarding the architecture. 4/5 of it was British, the werstern part, and the last 1/5 was French, eastern part. So you can still see “La Poste Française”, the stylish park, gardens and streets, churches, and other colonial buildings.

For lunch or any meals there, it’s very easy to find places, and I’d also recommend having a drink at Starbucks, not for what they offer, but for the place, very interesting, you’re back in the past!


After some times there, I decided to go to the tea market, 1 stop from the island, line 1 stop at FangCun, and walk around 15 minutes, from exit C, you’ll find the huge cover market on your right.


These producers, are used to sell in large quantities, but you can easily ask for 50g they’ll agree. Ask to taste it before, they’ll make you try various sorts, and you can choose whatever you prefer after. Don’t hesitate to compare prices, smell, and try before shopping. Most of them don’t speak English, so try to have with you a translator/dictionnary, or a Chinese speaker friend (I’ve been lucky to meet Marina & Fedor, a Russian couple, managing to translate into Chinese our thoughts!). Otherwise, take a paper to write the quantities, and prices! (usually it worked pretty well!!)

I hope you enjoyed this post, don’t hesitate to let your comments,

See you on the next post, xx



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