Registration & Classes at SYSBS


I know it’s been a while without writing but my laptop charger broke, and I still didn’t receive the new one 😦

This week is the Chinese Golden Week, which 1 week holiday thanks to the National day on Oct. 1st. Not that we’re tired with classes, but it always feels good to not go to uni or study…! So now that I’ve found a laptop and got some spare times, here I’m back on writing for you guys!

I’ve been to registration at uni on Sept. 16th to give all my paper and receive the ones necessary to change my visa into a residence permit. This is so much paperwork, and immigration is always boring, but I really wanna travel to HongKong and Macau as it’s pretty close from here. You basically don’t need a visa to go, but you’ll definitively need one to head back to mainland China…

You’ll need at least half a day to do everything, give the paper, take official pictures (with a receipt that the immigration we’ll need), make tons of copies of your passport and visa (visa page and stamp page), got your info correctly written…. (Yes, having a French name isn’t the easiest thing here…!!!!) you might take a book or something cause it’s very long, and people are not really good English speakers, which makes it harder and longer.

The medical insurance for foreign students is compulsory, even if you already have some in your home country (it costs 400 yuans for a semester) and you’ll have to pay the registration fees too (another 400 for 1 semester). Once this done, and your papers received, you’ll have a way too much fun dealing with the immigration, of course if you’re willing to change your one entry visa into a residence permit, which allow multiple entries. The official pictures with the receipt cost 35 yuans, and then you have to give couples of papers (mainly the ones you received during the registration), and take an appointment to the medical examination. This body check took me 3 hours (and costs around 600Y) they are making so much exams, that you’ve never done before, but it’s somehow fun! Try to go with friends, otherwise you’ll get super bored! And after a couple of days, you’ll be ready to pick up the results and bring it, with the whole paper things at the Bureau of Entries (immigration office). Then it’s pretty easy, you have to follow the steps, and they’ll take your passport for 10 days. The cost of it is 400Y, payable when your visa is done.

So yes, this is a lot to do, but I believe HongKong worth it!

Meanwhile, I had a couple of classes: elementary Chinese, international finance and international financial management (Yes that’s all for now..!). You might know that your classes won’t be with Chinese students, for example for mine we’re almost either French or German, which make the finance course about the Euro zone pretty cool!

Some text books are required, and instead of going to a book shop, you can order them online on (Amazon), or (another kind of Amazon), it costs nothing, but make sure you know your address in Chinese. The delivery is very quick, but if you prefer going to the book shop, there is one at the uni, next to South Gate, however I’ve never been to yet.

I cannot wait the start of my other classes, and I’ll do my best to write as much as I can during this week off.

Hope you enjoyed the post, xx

See you soon,



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