Bĕijīng – Part 2.

As Mao Zedong said, “who never climbed the Great Wall cannot be deemed a Man”. Well, since a couple of weeks now, I can say I became a Woman.

So this article won’t be about Beijing itself, but more about the Great Wall. I still wanted to put it under a “Beijing” title since it was part of our trip, and so easier to make a link between all of that.

The adventure kept going with the same awesome team, and we decided to “climb” the Great Wall on the second day of our trip, because the weather forecast was getting pretty bad for the next days, and also because we wanted to have the first day to discover the city itself, and get an overview of Beijing.

The Wall is pretty big, and some parts are more accessible than others. Prices are also different from one to another. After the advices of friends that already been there, and the great help of the Lonely Planet, we picked Mùtiányù’s (慕田峪) part. This part of the Wall is around 90km northern Beijing, and in 1:30 hour taxi drive (think about bargaining before) you arrive at the ticket office, from where a shuttle bus will bring you at the begining of your hike. We decided to hike the first part to get to the Watchtower N°8, and it’s at this point that it started snowing pretty hard.

When you’re on the Wall, it’s pretty easy to find exit at various watchtowers, and then get back down the Wall, however, and despite the snow, we wanted to agreed on walking till the end of Mutianyu’s part, which is the “peak” at the watchtower N°23, and for your information, after the watchtower where the cablecar are indicated, it’s impossible to get off, except by walking back to there.

I think that we underestimated going in Beijing by the end of November, because the weather is very not comparable to the one in Southern China, and also we were not expected snow at all (OK, we hoped we would have snow). Hiking in jeans, and snickers was not the best idea ever, but going in Beijing and not hiking the Wall was impossible, so here was our choice, getting a bit cold, but for a good reason! We had some surprises with a super slippery floor, but it was so nice to finally have some winter while being in China!

Unfortunatly the view wasn’t the best, and to be honest I don’t really know if it was because of the pollution or the snow, but the sky was pretty foggy, and so we were not able to see a large part of the Wall, just from a tower to the next one. But the cool thing, is that when climbing up the peak, we felt like going in the sky or hiking the clouds, which was great!

Stay tunned for the last (but not least) part of our Beijing trip, and some more adventures here in Guangzhou,

See you soon for a next post, xx


PS: Bonus picture of the greatest team I could ever had

Héloïse, Loreleï & Pia – The Great Wall, November 2015



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