Pet Market & Báiyún Shān

Travelling around and discoving the surroundings of Guangzhou is great, but knowing the city in the one we live is also nice, so couple of months ago was made for local discoveries!

I guess it’s not too late for season’s greetings… Wishing you all an amazing incoming year, bringing you all the best! 😘

Sorry I’ve been pretty busy these last weeks as my semester abroad is touching its end, and so yes quite a lot to do before heading back home! However, I really wanted to write about some stuffs I’ve been doing with friends here, some times ago now! Hope you’ll enjoy reading!

As Friday nights are busy with night life discoving, Saturdays start calmly, and lately! So, with friends we decided to go to the “pet market”.

Pretty easy to find, metro line 1, HuaDiWan stop, exit C or D. The pet market is a large area where you can basically find everything, like housing furnitures and various things, and of course pets! (We’re here talking about alive animals).

I honestly liked and disliked it, as it’s like “China’s stuff”, but the treatments of animals might not be the best, and it heartbreaking to see these little things captured and bored in their cages. I’d not recommend you to go if you have some allergies, or if you care too much about pet care (not saying that I don’t care) but it might be shocking.

So, basically, you can find every kind of pets, from fishes (every sizes or colors), dogs, cats, turtles, birds or pig… It’s quite fun to see that, and how it’s organized by areas. After walking around there I wasn’t surprise but the number of kids getting back with their new friend, taking tons of pics or running all around!

So yes, I’d recommend to go there if you like animal, or also just to have a look at something you cannot find in Europe! However, now that I’ve been once, I don’t feel like going back, or bringing anyone else there. I don’t think it’s the best activity to do in Guangzhou.

Another thing to do, and that I really liked is “hiking” Baiyun Mountain! Easily reachable with metro or other transportation, in 30/45 minutes from our uni you can climb there! When not too foggy you can also have a great view on Guangzhou’s skyline, and it can really feels like you’re far from the city!

It’s very easy to climb since everything has been made to attract people, and you can find all the facilities up there, amusment park, restaurants etc…

By taking the stairs, we needed not even 1:30 to reach the top, the other way it a bit longer, and of course it also depends on how fast you walk/climb! I’d recommend to take water, because even if we went there at the end of October, the weather was crazily hot!

This spot is a nice getaway from the city, the rush and a good way to see Guangzhou “from the other side”!

I hope you enjoyed this short article, I’ll be back on writing pretty soon!

See you, xx



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