Would you do it again?

Most probably one of the first question I answer once back in France, the one you don’t really know if it’s a “NO” because you’re so happy to finally be back home, but also that one where you wanna say “Oh yes, I’d go back right now!” because you’re already back in class, dying with homework, groupworks and all these things you haven’t been doing for at least 6 months. So, would you do it again?

Would you do it again? You know this opportunity to go in exchange semester, this great experience abroad, this travelling, partying, meeting and catching up time?!

It actually sounds so awesome said like that, not doing anything, but just what you really want to. Okay, going to uni as well, but it really sounds secondary when you’re having the very best time.

Would you do it again? You remember the struggle understanding people, the never-ending waiting lines for administration, the too long medical check-up, the amount of paperworks and all these things?!

Maybe less crazy that way, and once you’re back, jetlag, uni paperworks because you kinda have to prove you’re back, you’ve a new appartment etc, and once you’re back, you also realize it’s you’re last semester before graduating (yeeey!!), that times flies, and it might be a good idea to do something of your life, to make decision, and all these kind of things, because now you’re 20, you’re suppose to act as an adult and live your own life…

So, after all of these, I would totally do it again, because I was writing this, hearing some cool playlist reminding me the great times I had, and so many things came back to my mind… I had the chance to meet the nicest people on earth, having a great roommate, made so many plans for travelling in Europe, because now we have to catch up again! All the last minutes trips all around China, my family came to visit me, I discovered things I would never thought about, and I have the best 20th birthday you can ever dream of!


Going in China was I think the biggest challenge of my Bachelor, and if I take the 5 reasons of studying abroad, here is the result after 6 months:

  • Going somewhere I’ve never been before: ✔
  • Going in a country I wasn’t speaking the language: ✔
  • Going somewhere by myself/alone: ✔
  • Going in a place I didn’t know anyone: ✔
  • Going somewhere far from home: ✔

I survived it, really enjoyed it, and now that I’m trying to put my life back together, I keep thinking I would do it again! If you can just leave me sometimes before going back, I still need to have some more food from home before! I would also do it again, but with the same “international team” we were, because I believe the experience is completly different with other people.

So yes, I would do it again, and you?!


Hope you enjoyed the article,

Looking forward reading your comments, xx



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