Korean Food Experience.

Not that long time ago I’ve been transiting in Paris, and so was the perfect occasion to meet with my dad and try Korean food!

So there ain’t a real reason to go for Korean restaurant but, why not?! After spending some times in Asia, without trying it, and after hearing so much about it, I really wanted to go for it, and so my dad was curious.

So on our way we found “Bekseju Village”, and research quickly comments and reveiws about it, and turns out this Korean bistrot is quite known, and seems to be very good! So we went in, and the following pics are summarizing our delicious dinner!

Here it’s what we had:

  • 1st course: octopus salad & chives pancake,
  • 2nd course: marinated spicy pork with vegetables & sweet potatoes vermicelles with beef,
  • 3rd course: granita with apple and orange & black sesame and macha tea ice cream.

Plus a bottle of wine, and all of this for 28€/each, since it was the “winter menu”.

So we had super good and well cooked food, the service was really fast, and waitresses were really paying attention to everything. The room is nicely decorate, and very comfy. There is no need to book the table on week days, but it might be better to do so during the weekend.

If you guys are interested, here it’s the menu, as well as the winter one.

If you want more info, you can find the website here: http://www.beksejuvillagefrance.com/le-bistrot-coreen/

Address: Bekseju Village, 53 bd Saint Marcel – 75013 Paris

  • Metro: Gobelins (Ligne 7, exit 1) or Campo Formio (L5)

Phone number:  +33 1 77 11 24 37 or +33 6 83 66 98 85

If you guys are planning on going to Paris, I highly recommend you to go there,a nd if you’ve been there, don’t hesitate to share it here!


Hope you enjoyed this post,

See you soon, xx



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