Parisian Gateaway.

“Paris is always a good idea” is for sure my favorite quote of all times, and last weekend was another proof, 2 days ain’t enough, and I’m really looking forward heading back there.

Such a great catching up time with my little (not that little) sister! We had crazy 2-days meeting, gossiping, and running from museums to art exibitions… So this was our plans, and how I got there.

How I went to Paris:

Using…. the bus! Sounds crazy because I’m a way more used to take a train and also because last time I took a bus for long travel was in high school when we crossed Europe on a “culture trip”. But this time train tickets got super expensive, and I wasn’t convinced that paying twice the normal price was the best idea. So I considered taking the bus from Grenoble to Paris, and also on the way back. The overall experience is not that bad, but I’m not sure I’ll do it again, here are some pro and cons:

  • PROs
    • Comfy, enough space for your legs, seats are good etc…
    • Great WiFi all along the bus ride
    • Super cheap
  • CONs
    • Too long, train ride is around 3 hours, with the bus it requires at least 7:30 hours
    • Only 1 break, make sure to bring food or anything you may think important

I used Flixbus for the way to Paris and OuiBus (by SNCF) for the way back. Prices are very similar, the only reason I took different companies was the time of departure/arrival, and which one was the more convenient regarding the location etc… Both companies offer similar service and quality of transportation. Make sure to arrive on time (recommended 15 to 30 min prior to departure) to catch the bus, give your luggage and proceed to the ID check.

The experience was good, and I’m not gonna critize the service since the price/quality ratio is, in my opinion, very good. However, because of the time required for the transportation, it limits quite a lot the time available there to do some more things… For this main reason, I’ll try new alternatives later!

Local transportation:

Regarding the transportation in Paris we decided to take the “Jeune” tickets, which costs €3,80, and with the one you can travel all day long, from 0 to 24. Only works on Saturdays and Sundays or public holidays, and if you’re under 26 years old! But compared to the €1,85 normal ticket, the choice was quickly made!

We had so much plans before going, and you know once we got back together we had a lot to talk to each others, wanted to have some fun and relax, so I think we haven’t been doing as much as what we initially wanted, but let’s face it, it’s maybe a good reason to go back!

What we’ve done:

  • Art exhibition: “La méthode Piano”, by the architect Renzo Piano, at the “cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine”, all in French and English, student price €6, right next to the Trocadéro, and super interesting. Highly recommended!!
  • Art exhibition: “Volez, Voguez, Voyagez”, by Louis Vuitton, at the “Grand Palais”, all in French and English, free entrance, but unfortunatly ended the 21st Feb. I really wish it would have last longer, amazing one!
  • Museum: MAC VAL, modern art close to Paris (Vitry-Sur-Seine), vers easy to access with the metro. Both permanent and temporary exhibitions are great, free entrance for students!
  • Shopping: Colette, because we needed to go back to hypeland and check the last stuffs they found! As usual loads of people and high prices (depending on products) great staff and discoveries!
  • Shopping: Ladurée, because it’s a mandatory stop when being in Paris!!

We’ve done some more shopping, and walking around Paris in the meantime, as well as meeting family and friends, which was sooooo great, and of course too short. Our main disappointments are the not that good food at “Indiana” -Tex-mex restaurent- in Bastille, that I’m not recommending.

What we would have done:

Visiting the Louis Vuitton Foundation, as main priority, but since it’s on the other side of Paris, it requires longer transportation, and the entrance fee is around €10, so I believe it worth spending quite some times there. Gonna be the top priority for next time!!

Palais de Tokyo” exhibitions, were some that I would have liked seen, but I didn’t check it out deeply before and I didn’t know what it was all about, but since all started on Feb 19th, and gonna be there for some times, it might be interesting to go back.


I hope you guys enjoyed reading it, and if you have any cool plans for the next Parisian Gateaway, please let me know in comments!

See you soon, xx




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