My #5 Favorite Places to Visit on the Emerald Coast.

It always feels good to be back, even for a short time. So if you’re willing to visit Brittany, and more specifically the Emerald Coast, here are my 5 favs places to visit. Check it out!

#1: Saint-Malo Intra Muros.

I know I’ve already been writting on this place, so I’m not gonna say too much right here, (for more info click here), but yes, for sure one of my favorite places. Maybe because I’ve spent my 3 years of high school there, or because it’s just easy to take the boat and go there… I don’t, but the whole environment is like magic, out of time, and unique.

There is the sea at the end of (almost) each street, nice beaches, coffee places or pubs. Clearly the best place that matches cultural visits, shopping, chilling at the beach and nights out

#2: Promenade du Clair de Lune.

Situated in Dinard, this is the best place for a calm walk, and with a great view on St-Malo. During the summer, it also has a nice music and lights all over, which create a complete new atmosphere. Nice restaurants are present in the surroundings, and it offers a great view for summer’s fireworks.

#3: Saint-Briac & Saint-Lunaire.

These two cities are just like tiny villages where you used to go during your childhood! Sea and beaches all over. It’s like paradise for surfers when there is some wind (quite often I’ve to admit), and for foodies! Knowing that it might rain sometimes, so it’s always a good excuse to grab some local specialty full of butter!

#4: La Richardais’s hold.

Maybe my favorite place on earth… Or at least one of. Most probably because it’s the place where I grew up and so where I’ve some of the nicest memories. La Richardais is a super tiny place, where you just take everything easy haha. Anyways, this hold is most probably the most quite one, and with a great view on the villages on the other side of the Rance River. There is a little beach, where I’d not recommand to swim, but always fun to gather there with friends for some quality time!

#5: Dinard’s city center.

Dinard is like “the big city” of the left side of the Rance River, great place for shopping, souvenirs, or chilling in the streets. There are plenty of restaurant offering every kind of food, and let’s face it, what’s better than having a hot waffle while walking on the beach?! I don’t know any better digestion plan! Dinard also has a great covered market, opened every morning, and the outdoor market surrounding the building on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I use to go, not always to work there but also to chill and shop in a nice and cool environment. There are several beaches there, including ones in the city center, super easy to reach and where there are no need to park or walk hours to find the best spot!


I’m sorry for the lack of picture this time, but recent ones will come in the next month!

I hope you like this article, and let me know if you want more detailed info about my dearest home town, I’ll be pleased to share!

See you soon, xx



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