Incoming Scandinavian Adventure!

I’m not too sure I wanna know when was my last article… But it’s been quite some times now. Today, I’m thrilled to announce a big news, a new incoming change and some future travelling plans!

Some of you might know, I’m just done with my Bachelor in International Business in Grenoble, France, and I’ve been stuggling quite some times with what to do next, or at least right after the Bachelor.

To be honest, I had no clue about which field I should choose to specialize in. But I knew I wanted to keep studying in English, and why not abroad?! Then my choice was made around these 2 possibilities: fashion and luxury or logistics and transportation. After thinking quite a lot about that, I was imagining my future in the logistics field rather than in luxury, and since it was easier for me to see myself there, I focused my researches on logistics and various universities that could offer me such courses.

After all the paperwork, cover letter and other documents needed for the application, I got accepted at Lund University, Sweden! So yes, this Scandinavian adventure will start in Sweden, and my courses will be in Helsingborg’s Campus, at city that seems to be on the sea, and super close from Denmark! It’s around 30 minutes away from Lund itself, but I’m super excited to start there and I’m now looking forward flying to Sweden, and enjoy some nice quality time in Northern Europe.

This experience is very new to me, since it’s the first time I’ll be an international student, and I can hardly compare it to the China bound of last semester, because it was a very short period of time, (5 months vs. 2 years) and also because I’ll “belong” to a university overseas!

I don’t know much about Sweden, and the cities of Helsingborg, Lund etc, so I’ll be glad to read your comments about various topics related to the country, university and so on!

I hope you enjoyed reading these little updates, and of course, more are about to come! (Hopefully sooner than this post hahah).

I’m looking forward reading your comments, xx




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