A Year Ago…

It’s crazy to see how fast times fly…

At first I wasn’t expecting writting this article, but now I’m kinda proud! My baby-blog is now 1 year old!! So yes, it’s been one year of writting, articles, adventures and so on… So many things happened lately, and I’m sure some more are coming around, and this perspective makes me very happy.

Almost unbelievable to see how much happened in a 1-year period of time… I learnt I was going to China for my exchange, I’ve been in Milan for the best internship you can dream of, went to Milan’s World expo, traveled back home, been to Guangzhou, traveled in China, turned 20, met the greatest friends, my family visited me in China, partied in HongKong for New Year’s Eve, went back to Grenoble, finished my Bachelor, got accepted in Sweden for my master, and a lot more..!

Clearly one of my favorite pictures so far – La Richardais, May 2016.

And now, I’m home, and when you have some free time, it’s a good thing to see how much I achieved in the last years, that felt now too long ago!! I’m very happy I created this blog, and even tho I don’t have as much time as when I started to write, I like, and I truly want to keep the blog alive! I’m also planning on changing it a bit, make it new for this “birthday”, and improve it as much as I can. I’m already looking forward the next adventures, the future and the new experiences, but you know, it’s so cool and chill to be home for a little while, that I feel, I’m just gonna stop here and enjoy some good quality time, before having another ton of exciting projects!

Plant & Flower shopping few days ago at “Jardin d’en face”

It’s always very nice to read the comments, texts or messages, and I’m glad having support from my dearest readers and afficionados! 😉

See you all very soon, for new updates on the blogs, articles and travel plans!!

With love, Héloïse


One thought on “A Year Ago…

  1. Je suppose que tu as fait un gâteau, allumé une bougie et chanté “Joyeux anniversaire…”. Si non, c’est moi qui le fera. Alors, tous ensemble maintenant: “Joyeux anniversaire…”

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