Studying Abroad: Getting ready to go!

As you guys might all know now, my departure to Sweden is getting closer and closer! In fact, my flight is booked for the 16th August. 

There is a lot to say, about going, leaving home for a king of new home! You all know how much I love Brittany, and being home, but I’m super duper in love with traveling and living abroad, and so, this new experience in Sweden is very exciting.

I’m not completly ready to go now, but good thing, I’ve booked my flight to arrive at Lund University on the “Arrival Day” organized by the International Desk. And for, most probably the first time in my life, I’ve found a room in a nice appartment, that I’ll most probably share with a couple of other people. I decided to pick this option since I’ll be there for 2 years, and I didn’t wanted to stay the whole time by myself, as I don’t know anyone yet. This place is around 10/15 minutes away from the campus and so I’m planning on buying a bike and just ride to go to uni! (Also because I wanna keep moving in the hopefully-not-too-cold-winter!!)

So yes, so far I’ve a place to stay and a plane to go. My future objectives now are quite easy:

  • Have a look to possible grants, and I’ll update you if you’re planning on moving abroad.
  •  Check the option with my bank in Sweden, or having a Swedish bank account.
  • Registering for courses, and activities during the orientation week once in Sweden.
  • Earning money, because traveling might get expensive!

And of course, I’m sure I’m forgoting a lot of thing I’m supposed to do, but what would be traveling without some adventure?!

This holidays at home are super good, and I’m trying some new “routines” to be full of energy by the end of the summer! So, get ready for new articles soon!


With Love,



One thought on “Studying Abroad: Getting ready to go!

  1. Bonne chance et bon voyage. J’ai des amis en Suède, su jamais tu as des ennuis… Ils sont a Falun, là où il fait très noir en hiver et où l’on boit des quantités impressionantes! 😄

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