That New Co.

I gotta admit I love travel guides, and books a way more than internet ones. Lately I’ve bought some new ones, to get ready for Sweden, and it actually doesn’t make the departure any closer!

So, I bought 3 travel guides, 2 are in French, and 1 in English, for the simplest reason: you cannot find those English guides in a French book shop! Then I bought the other one online!

If you guys are looking for referencces, here are the ones I bought:

  • Lonely Planet “Suède”, 3rd Edition, in French – €24.
  • Le Routard “Danemark, Suède”, 2015/16 Edition, in French – €14,20.
  • Lonely Planet “Scandinavia”, 12th Edition, in English – £18.

I’ll update you soon about the one I prefer, or recommend, but so far, what I can tell is: I love the “Scandinavia” one, because it’s gonna be so easy when traveling around, and since it’s in English, it’s easier to find info, or ask to locals, but also to travel with friends, everyone can understand! About the ones in French, the one from Lonely planet talks only about Sweden, which makes it so precise and gives tons of info about every part of the country, which is cool when you’ve never been there before! Regarding the Sweden-Denmark one, this brand is quite famous for restaurants’ recommendations, and good point, Helsingborg is super close from Denmark, so this one might be often used!

I can’t tell why I like so much books, and those guides, but everywhere I go I like having one by my side and actually it’s cool to have new travel plans and ideas which are making the place even more exciting!

To be honest I haven’t much time these days to read them, but it’s such a nice way of spending time in transportation and so on, so now I’m almost looking forward being bored to spend time reading hahah.

I’m still looking for other edition, or kind of travel guides, so if any of you are recommending some, I’ll be happy having a look!

Hope you like the article, and let me know about you thoughts in comments! My countdown to Sweden is about to start, and I can’t wait discovering Northern Europe!

With love,



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