Arrival Day in ‘Lunds Universitet’

I haven’t been writting a lot lately, but my work back home kept me quite busy, and then having people over was a great quality time before flying to Northern Europe! I’m not telling about how long a 2-years luggage takes, otherwise you’ll get pretty scared!

Anyways, I’m now safe and sound in Sweden (yeeeey!), and I’m gonna do my best to update you guys as much as I can! 

As crazy as it seems, it’s already mid-August and I’m already back to uni. Lund University, is well organized when it comes to greet new -international- students, which helps a looooot!

So, coming from Brittany, I’ve been flying from Rennes to Paris, and then Paris to Copenhagen, since it’s the closest airport to Lund. There are tons of direct trains from the airport to Lund, and it costs something like 150 Kr. We had mentors guiding us around, and driving us to the places to go.

Such trip takes quite some times, and after registering, which is super easy – just give your passport, and they’ll find you in the system – you receive a Swedish phone sim-card, some maps and other documents to get to know the city and the university, and after all this (which takes couple of hours because yes, you ain’t the only international student arriving!) I took the train – again- to go to Helsingborg, where is the campus where I’ll be studying. The ride takes around 30 min and costs around 90 Kr.

That first day happened to be very tiring and a bit stressful, so a cold wasn’t avoidable… Some meetings were organized yesterday – August 17th – to inform about various aspect of the life in Lund. Which was interesting! and then we’ve been walking around the campus and the university to discover a bit more. By 6:30 pm, a welcome ceremony was organized, and people has been super welcoming and helpful the whole time!

I don’t have much pictures so far, but I’m planning on walking around Helsingborg today, and write again, maybe by the end of the week!

Hope you’ll enjoyed this overview of Lund, and you had fun reading that one!

With love,



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