Weekend trip to Öland

I should have written about it already too long ago buuuuut time flies! Basically, I’ve been on a “spontaneous” weekend trip with some friends couple of weekends ago, and it was great! 

Öland’s island is south east Sweden, basically 3 to 4 hours drive from Helsingborg, and since we had the perfect weather in September why not going somewhere?! We left the city on Friday around noon or so, and came back by Sunday night.

First stop on the way: Söderåsens‘s national park. Which was already a kind on adventure to go there! But once we found our way, stop to some breathtaking view and picnic there, walked around for a little, and got back on the road!

We drove to Kalmar, and arrived there pretty late (and tired). The Airbnb we got for the night was super nice, close to the city center, spacious and quite well organized. Spending the night there was a good break, and the city – not that big – is really nice for a quick visit. Kalmar is the place from which we crossed the bridge, and arrived to Öland!

By looking on the map, Öland looks quite big, and seems like 36 hours there won’t be enough to see it all. Wrong. OK, I mean, it’s always nice to have a bit more time, and chill more rather than being in a hurry – even though I feel we’ve been more like an efficient team, and we’ve seen all the highlights, and perfectly followed our program.

We’ve managed driving around the whole island, and seen super pretty places, and those ones are for sure my favs.

  • Byrum, Sandvik. By the sea, the rocks there got shaped by the sea, making them unique, and easy to climb on [Northern Öland].
  • Trollskogen, Grankullavik. The “troll forest”, or be aware of the black cows that might run to you hahah. Theses places are super nice and well organized, without making anything cliché, it’s a great mix to walk in nice landscapes, surrounding by nature, no noises, no people. And clearly the best place for a (cold) swim [Northern Öland].
  • Högsrum, Borgholm. Highest point of the island – which is somerhing like 150m above the sea – there isn’t a crazy view as you guys can imagine, but some nice windmill and prehistorical stones’ spots [Central Öland].
  • Gråborg, Färjestaden. The biggest circular fortress from the Swedish iron age. Now it’s basically ruins, but still nice to hear about some history. From this area and the whole Southern part of the island is part of the Unesco’s World Heritage List [Central Öland].
  • Ottenby Fågelstation. Originally a bird observatory, very nice natural reserve with the lighthouse, which give a great view on the surroundings [Southern Öland].

If you have a spare weekend/2 or 3 days vacation available, I’d totally recommand a little visit there! Renting a car is definitively the best option, at least once you’re there, so you won’t depend on public transportation, and feel free to organize yourself as you wanna.


Hope you had a cool time reading,




2 thoughts on “Weekend trip to Öland

  1. J’était là-bas il y a bien des années au printemps. Il faisait un froid horrible, il y avait du brouillard avec des nuages bas et un vent qui soufflait sans arrêt, bref c’était l’horreur. Je suis resté une nuit et repartait ensuite pour le sud de la Suède. Mais à juger depuis ton expérience et surtout depuis tes belles fotos, il fait beau à Öland de temps à autres. Dossier à suivre!

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    1. On y était il y a 3 semaines environ, et on a eu un temps magnifique! Il y avait pas mal de vent malgré tout, mais c’était agréable pour visiter! Je pense que ça doit être bien différent sous la pluie!! J’espère que vous allez bien tous les 3! Bises!

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