Korean Food Experience.

Not that long time ago I’ve been transiting in Paris, and so was the perfect occasion to meet with my dad and try Korean food!

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And What About Food?

Have you ever ordered your lunch or dinner blindly? Well, before coming to China, I never did, but now, I’m kinda getting use to that! In fact, in most places menus are only in Chinese… If you’re lucky enough you’ll have the pictures, which is helping a lot, and sometimes, you’ll have an English translation, however, you can always expect either the best or the worst.

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Shamian Island & Tea Market

Hey folks! Hope you’re doing great!

Last weekend went perfectly great, and I spent some time discovering Guangzhou. I’ve been to Shamian Island (沙面岛) and Guangzhou Fangcun Tea Wholesale Market (sorry I couldn’t find online hox to write the characters). Check out for more info here!

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Saint-Malo Intra Muros.

Back in town, and nothing better than sunny days to hang out, have lunch, or stay outside. I use to go back quite often in my high school’s city to meet friends over the summer, and here are my fav things about Saint-Malo’s old town. Check that out!

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