Would you do it again?

Most probably one of the first question I answer once back in France, the one you don’t really know if it’s a “NO” because you’re so happy to finally be back home, but also that one where you wanna say “Oh yes, I’d go back right now!” because you’re already back in class, dying with homework, groupworks and all these things you haven’t been doing for at least 6 months. So, would you do it again?

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Pet Market & Báiyún Shān

Travelling around and discoving the surroundings of Guangzhou is great, but knowing the city in the one we live is also nice, so couple of months ago was made for local discoveries!

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The “Northern Capital” – Part 1

Exchange semester…. Or the best way to discover a country! Because I have to admit that, free times means travel, and while in China, I wanted to see as much as possible of the Middle Kingdom. Now that I’m just back form Bĕijīng(北京), here are the great times my friends and I’ve been through!

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