One last time….

Every good thing always comes to an end, and all my expo tours are following this rules! Last Saturday night I used my last “biglietto serale”, and so here it’s my top 10 unmissable expo’s pavillion. Check that out!

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Did you say Home?!

After 10 weeks of an incredible internship, it’s almost time for me to go back home! (flying home next Friday, yeeeey 🎉🎊🎉🎊) So I thought of this article in case you want to come in Milan, or leave it, and the various transportation means you might have to use.

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Walking Around: City Center.

Let’s keep going with “Walking Around” articles! I think it might be interesting to know more about what to see, and do in Milan’s city center. This area offers so much to see, and you don’t even need to walk tons of kilometers!

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July 14th Abroad!

As you might know, or not, the French national day is July 14th. Considered as a holiday in France, it’s obviously not the case abroad, except in the French representative administration like embassies. In every country, France is represented by an embassy and/or consulate, they are celebrating this day, in some you’ll be ask to come with an invite like in Milan, in others just bring your French ID card.

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