Studying Abroad: Getting ready to go!

As you guys might all know now, my departure to Sweden is getting closer and closer! In fact, my flight is booked for the 16th August.  Continue reading “Studying Abroad: Getting ready to go!”


A Year Ago…

It’s crazy to see how fast times fly…

At first I wasn’t expecting writting this article, but now I’m kinda proud! My baby-blog is now 1 year old!! So yes, it’s been one year of writting, articles, adventures and so on… So many things happened lately, and I’m sure some more are coming around, and this perspective makes me very happy.

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Incoming Scandinavian Adventure!

I’m not too sure I wanna know when was my last article… But it’s been quite some times now. Today, I’m thrilled to announce a big news, a new incoming change and some future travelling plans!

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My #5 Favorite Places to Visit on the Emerald Coast.

It always feels good to be back, even for a short time. So if you’re willing to visit Brittany, and more specifically the Emerald Coast, here are my 5 favs places to visit. Check it out!

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