Arrival Day in ‘Lunds Universitet’

I haven’t been writting a lot lately, but my work back home kept me quite busy, and then having people over was a great quality time before flying to Northern Europe! I’m not telling about how long a 2-years luggage takes, otherwise you’ll get pretty scared!

Anyways, I’m now safe and sound in Sweden (yeeeey!), and I’m gonna do my best to update you guys as much as I can!  Continue reading “Arrival Day in ‘Lunds Universitet’”


Studying Abroad: Getting ready to go!

As you guys might all know now, my departure to Sweden is getting closer and closer! In fact, my flight is booked for the 16th August.  Continue reading “Studying Abroad: Getting ready to go!”

Registration & Classes at SYSBS


I know it’s been a while without writing but my laptop charger broke, and I still didn’t receive the new one 😦

This week is the Chinese Golden Week, which 1 week holiday thanks to the National day on Oct. 1st. Not that we’re tired with classes, but it always feels good to not go to uni or study…! So now that I’ve found a laptop and got some spare times, here I’m back on writing for you guys!

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How to Get a Chinese Visa?

Leaving France in 6 shorts days, I just received my student visa for China, and here are the procedures to follow if you wanna study for a short period in 中国! Discover more here 👇 Continue reading “How to Get a Chinese Visa?”