Weekend trip to Öland

I should have written about it already too long ago buuuuut time flies! Basically, I’ve been on a “spontaneous” weekend trip with some friends couple of weekends ago, and it was great!  Continue reading “Weekend trip to Öland”


What they call “Swedishness”. 

It’s now been 2 weeks and something I’m in Sweden, and to be honest, so far so good! Helsingborg, doesn’t look like a bit city, but it offers quite a lot, and as long as the weather is good, summer holidays ain’t too far.  Continue reading “What they call “Swedishness”. “

That New Co.

I gotta admit I love travel guides, and books a way more than internet ones. Lately I’ve bought some new ones, to get ready for Sweden, and it actually doesn’t make the departure any closer! Continue reading “That New Co.”

Studying Abroad: Getting ready to go!

As you guys might all know now, my departure to Sweden is getting closer and closer! In fact, my flight is booked for the 16th August.  Continue reading “Studying Abroad: Getting ready to go!”

My #5 Favorite Places to Visit on the Emerald Coast.

It always feels good to be back, even for a short time. So if you’re willing to visit Brittany, and more specifically the Emerald Coast, here are my 5 favs places to visit. Check it out!

Continue reading “My #5 Favorite Places to Visit on the Emerald Coast.”